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First in the Series - click image to go direct to order page

First in the Series - click image to go direct to order page




Guardian Angel Publishing, Inc., KC Snider and Mary Jean Kelso
are happy to announce that
Xavier Society for the Blind, in New York City
has reproduced the first Andy book in braille.
It will be used for children to learn how to read braille.

It also available for the blind at
the Anna B. Repicky Foundation library. (


Cheri Ascue Works with a Young Rider


Cheri Ascue is now accepting students at her location in Texas.
Contact her on Facebook, at or phone (903) 724-2103.



Following are upcoming book signings
by K.C. and Mary Jean:

December 5, 2015 (Saturday) 10 am to 4 pm -- The Flag Store on Glendale Avenue in Sparks, Nevada
Mary Jean will be signing at the annual Made In Nevada Marketplace at The Flag Store on Glendale Ave.



Guardian Angel Publishing has just released
Andy and Spirit Meet the Rodeo Queen and The Adventures of Andy and Spirit Book 1 in Hardcover.
Andy and Spirit in Search and Rescue
released in Paperback Hardcover
and more will be added soon.



Photo by Scott Briscoe

People often ask where I get my story ideas.
Here's an example:
Bubba and Bridgette's Big Adventure
will be published by
Guardian Angel Publishing, Inc.
as a Tween book (ages 8 to 12) soon.

Locals in my Fernley neighborhood (Donner Trails)
had some excitement when Bridgette and Bubba
decided to visit the roundabout near Hwy 50
and the construction site for
Banner Hospital's new location.

Unfortunately, I missed the photo op
when the owners retrieved them
and Bridgette was being ridden home
with Bubba close behind at her heels.

Don't know who led who astray
but my bet is on Bubba!

You'll have to read the book
to see what a glimpse of something
can spin into.

Of course, K.C. is eager to
do the illustrations as soon as possible.

Mary Jean




Can you imagine how much Spirit would have looked like this newborn?

~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~

~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~


Scroll down to see more about the books as well as videos and other interesting equine items.


Watch our ANDY & THE ALBINO HORSE Book Trailer for a sneak preview of our book, by Kim McDougall Productions with inspirational music copyright by Janie Robinson and Gary Lowry

This book in print is also available in print at B&,, and other online bookstores. Our full color books are 8.5x8.5 inch paperback.


Andy's Animated Horse -- click on Spirit to see her move. Click "more" to brush or feed her an apple


Perhaps Spirit looked like this when she was a filly

Special Ed Teacher, Cheri Ascue, shared this photo with us.

Special Ed Teacher, Cheri Ascue, shared this photo with us.


Andy and Spirit in Search and Rescue



The Adventures of Andy and Spirit, Book 1

is available for Tweens. You can see the cover of this book below.



Any of the books written by Mary Jean Kelso and illustrated by KC Snider, including Andy and Spirit Meet the Rodeo Queen and the newly released tween book, The Adventures of Andy and Spirit, Book 1, can also be ordered at

For More Information on Mary Jean Kelso go to

For More Information on K.C. Snider go to

Thanks for your interest,

KC and Mary Jean

Andy and Spirit Go To The Fair

Andy and Spirit Go To The Fair
Second in the series


Third in the Series; Now Available through Guardian Angel Publishing,, Barnes & Noble and Book Stores

Andy & Spirit Meet the Rodeo Queen

Andy & Spirit Meet the Rodeo Queen
Fourth in the series; Now Available through Guardian Angel Publishing,,, Barnes & Noble and Book Stores

Andy and Spirit Meet the Rodeo Queen

Andy and Spirit Meet the Rodeo Queen
2011 Global E-book Awards Nominee

Review -- Andy and Spirit Meet the Rodeo Queen

Another great installment to the Andy and Spirit series by Mary Jean Kelso!

Illustrated by KC Snider

Andy and Spirit visit the Nevada State Fair where they get in a ride and then watch the day’s events. Andy gets to meet the rodeo queen and learns how to handle a lasso. Despite an unfortunate accident, the rodeo is a fun time for all.

Andy and Spirit Meet the Rodeo Queen is the latest book in Kelso’s popular Andy and Spirit series. What is great about this book is that the main character is a wheelchair bound kid who doesn’t let his handicap stop him. In addition, even the people he meets don’t focus on his wheelchair. They see Andy for Andy.

Kelso creates an excellent sense in this book for what it is like to attend a rodeo. Despite the fact that I’ve never been to one, I feel like I have after reading Andy and Spirit Meet the Rodeo Queen.

The artwork for all the Andy and Spirit books has been drawn by KC Snider. I like the pairing of Kelso and Snider, and hope it continues. When an artist and writer work together on multiple projects it certainly makes a difference in the overall quality of the book and how enjoyable the reading experience is.

What adventures will Andy and Spirit find next? I guess, I’ll just have to eagerly wait and see.

Publisher: Guardian Angel Publishing, Inc

ISBN-10: 1616330317

ISBN-13: 978-1616330316

SRP: $10.95

First Place Award

First Place Award
KC Snider (left) and Mary Jean Kelso alongside the group of illustrations from Andy and Spirit Go to the Fair that received the award in watercolor at the 26th Annual Winnemucca Western Art Roundup.

Preditors & Editors Readers Poll Lists Andy books and RV Mouse as finalists

We are proud to have books from the Andy series listed as finalists on the Preditors & Editors Roll. Please visit

Reviews for Andy and Spirit Go to the Fair

Andy and Spirit Go to the Fair is the sweet story of a boy and a horse, their bond and loyalty to one another, and the challenges they must face because of being 'different'. K.C. Snider's colorful yet earthy illustrations bring the spirit of the West to life and children will particularly love the beautiful, majestic pictures of the horses. An inspiring tale about overcoming obstacles, this book carries a universal message that will be enjoyed by children and adults alike. Mayra Calvani, Midwest Book Review
* * * * *
I absolutely loved the story of Andy and Spirit. It took me back to my childhood when I was able to visit the fair. I could smell all the delicious aroma of food drifting from the stands. The anxiety that Andy experiences, this reader could share along with him. I thought the way Spirit and Andy had an understanding toward the other was well-written and lends a great deal of warmth to the storyline. Spirit was slightly different as well as Andy, and they both were able to understand the other. Mary Jean Kelso creates a story that melts the heart and brings a smile to the face. I love her style of writing. She reaches into her heart and brings forth a budding story that will thrill the readers while leaving a wonderful feeling inside. The illustrations by K.C. Snider almost leap from the pages; they are so life-like. Every little detail and sketching is remarkably done, making this story one incredible read. Linda Lattimer, Reviewer
* * * * * *
See the review by Reviews by Heidi
* * * * * * * *
Publisher's Comment:
Nice review. I still tear up even though reading Andy over and over- and I love to belt out the music to Andy too.
Lynda S. Burch, Publisher
* * * * * * *
Yes, everyone, Andy and Spirit do have their own song called "Heroes" written by Janie Robinson and Gary Lowery. For a preview go to .

Reviews for "Andy and Spirit In The Big Rescue"

Andy & Spirit in the Big Rescue is a marvelous read. Mary Jean Kelso depicts real life in pages that consume the reader, while educating him/her about horses. With every turn of the page, I found myself riding right along with Andy and his adventures. Ms. Kelso pens a read where she allows the reader to interact, while providing the thrill of the horses, the bull, and the whole ambiance to make the story more believable. K.C. Snider’s illustrations enhance the story even further by sketching scenes that, when mixed with the text, makes the story leap from the pages.
Another exhilarating read!
Linda Lattimer, Reviewer

Interaction with the Kids and their Reaction to Andy and the Albino Horse

Fernley Elementary School recently asked Mary Jean to participate in their celebration of Book Week.
Mary Jean read Andy and the Albino Horse to approximately 200 very attentive second grade students.
The reaction of the students was one of awe and amazement. They were enthralled with the story and enjoyed that some of the illustrations K.C. painted represented the area they live in.
The story and the pictures brought the Nevada wild mustang and Andy to life in a way they appreciated and hopefully will help them relate in a positive way to individuals and animals with handicaps.

Other Books Written by Mary Jean Kelso and Illustrated by KC Snider

Cowboy James places 11th at Preditors and Editors Poll

Cowboy James places 11th at Preditors and Editors Poll
For a preview of Andy's friend, James, go to at Be There Bedtime Stories



Books by Mary Jean Kelso

Guardian Angel Publishing's FREE Magazine for Kids

Guardian Angel Publishing's FREE Magazine for Kids
Click banner for lots of fun activities, stories and poems

Guardian Angel Publishing Inc. Makes World Wide Announcement

Lynda S. Burch, Publisher at Guardian Angel Publishing, Inc. announced today that, "Guardian Angel Publishing's global presence will continue to grow as Ingram Content Group, both Guardian Angel's innovative printer and distributor, partner and purchase more facilities around the world."

Expansion continues with the launch of Global CONNECT, a print and distribution service and a network of book manufacturers around the world, forms its alliance with Brazil's Singular Digital in Rio De Janeiro.

The Brazil addition joins Ingram-owned facilities in the U.S., U.K., Australia and France.

UPDATE!! September 26, 2012
Lynda S. Burch, President of Guardian Angel Publishing, Inc announced that GAP books will begin distribution in Germany as well as Brazil!!!!!

Literary Classics Award Winning Book

Literary Classics Award Winning Book
K.C. Snider and Donna McDine Receive Silver Award for The Golden Pathway

K.C. Snider and Donna McDine Receive Literary Classics' Youth Media International Book Award

Rapid City, SD, October 21, 2011 --( Literary Classics announced its 2011 selection of top books for children and young adults today. Award recipients were selected from entries received throughout the world. The Literary Classics selection committee is proud to recognize the following titles in children's and young adult literature which exemplify the criteria set forth by the Literary Classics Awards committee.

A fulll list of the 2011 award recipients can be found at

Silver Award Recipient -- The Golden Pathway

Written by Donna M. McDine, illustrated by K.C. Snider

KC at The Deschutes County Fair

Other Books From Guardian Angel Publishing

E-books for Kids!

  Alphabetical Listing

Other Children's Picture Books Illustrated by KC Snider

The Magic Violin, Does Heaven Get Mail?, Alley Cat, Andy and the Albino Horse, Andy and Spirit Go to the Fair, Andy and Spirit in the Big Rescue, Andy and Spirit Meet the Rodeo Queen, The Adventures of Andy and Spirit, Book 1, The Christmas Angel, One Family's Christmas, RV Mouse, Preston the Not-So-Perfect Pig, Cartwheel Annie, Ruthie and the Hippo's Fat Behind, The Golden Pathway, A Short Tale About a Long Tail, Katie Didn't, A Star in the Night, Fredrico the Mouse Violinist, I Don't Want a Haircut, Baby Jesus is Missing, Monster Maddie, Stilts the Stork, What is that Thing?, The Milk Horse, Cowboy James, Get Your Manners Out of Your Pocket, God Loves You Whoever You Are. Coming Soon: The Town of Masquerade, Andy and Spirit in Search and Rescue.

About The Author

Mary Jean Kelso is an award-winning (Best Spot News 2008 Award from The Nevada Press Assoc. and Best Spot News 2009 from The National Press Association)) multi-genre' author who has written for many newspapers and magazines throughout her life besides writing Young Adult novels, Historical Romances for adults and Childrens Picture Books. She also worked as an Editor for pharmaceutical magazines and as a Customer Services Representative for a Raytheon Company. Mary Jean started writing as a young child when her father acquired what would, now, be called an antique typewriter and moved forward with newer and better equipment until electric typewriters came into being and got in on the beginning of word processors and computers. Because of the family history, which Mary Jean is deeply interested in, her adult novels have mostly been set in the time of Cowboys and Indians. She is the great-great-grandaughter of Catherine McCucheon Jennings who led the settlers on the Runaway Scrape after Mary Jean's great-great-grandfather, Gordon C. Jennings, was killed at the Alamo. Her great-grandfather, Samuel Jennings, was a Texas Ranger. Because of a generous supply of historical figures on both sides of her family, Mary Jean has felt it extremly valuable to introduce young people to history and geneaology. So, you will see this in historic settings in her books. She works hard to be true to factual places and happenings even though writing fiction. "If you know where you come from, perhaps you can figure out where you are going or why you are trying to get there," Mary Jean says. Mary Jean has just had six more contracts signed. Mary Jean has completed the fifth and sixth Andy books that follow Andy and Spirit in the Big Rescue and Andy and Spirit Meet the Rodeo Queen. The latest will be Andy and Spirit Go on a Day Count and Andy and Spirit in Search and Rescue and Andy and Spirit Ride a Train. She is now hard at work on number 8. The 4th in ithe Andy and Spirit series, Andy and Spirit Meet the Rodeo Queen, recently released. RV Mouse released in March 2010. Knowing that the Andy stories are appropriate for older children, Guardian Angel Publishing released the first four Andy books as a Tween book as The Adventures of Andy and Spirit, Book 1.

Cowboy James, the story about a little boy in Pee Wee Rodeo released in August 2011. It is Mary Jean's first hardcover book and is available in all formats.

The next adventue of Andy and Spirit -- Andy and Spirit in Search and Rescue is soon to be released. It is a story about a dog that has been dumped and needs rescued. Andy, Spirit and Tracy go in search of her and then must figure out why she keeps running back to where they found her. The exciting news about these the book is that it will also be available in both hardback and soft cover as well as a varitey of digital formats.

KC and Mary Jean hope you enjoy the stories and adventures Andy and Spirit have together. For a wonderful song about the two of them, look for "Heroes" by Janie Robinson. Listen to a preview at

About The Illustrator

My photo
KC is an honors graduate of The Eugene School for Art. Her love of the western life and of wildlife has been developed since her youth, with her natural talent for drawing and color exhibited since she was ten years old. Originally specializing in Western Art, KC now has a collection of oil paintings, lithographs, and pencil drawings that include portraits of the All-American Cowboy and Cowgirl and their lifestyles of days gone by. KC had planned to become an illustrator when she was in art school, but when circumstances intervened, she turned to fine art as an outlet to express herself. However, KC has always considered her work to be a form of illustration because even her paintings “tell a story.” In 2007, KC illustrated two children’s books, The Christmas Angel, with author Mary Jean Kelso and The Magic Violin, with Mayra Calvani. Both books are published by Guardian Angel Publishing and are also available as an e-Book. She has now finished illustrations for the first book in a series about an albino horse named “Spirit” and the special children who get to know her. Andy and the Albino Horse was published in April 2008 by Guardian Angel Publishing, Inc.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Thank you, Mayra, for a wonderful review...

A Review By Mayra Calvani:
One Family's Christmas
By Mary Jean Kelso
Guardian Angel Publishing
Illustrated by K.C. Snider
eBook ISBN: 978-1-935137-34-4
PRINT ISBN: 978-1-935137-05-4
Children's picture book
4-8 year olds
Author's website:
Artist's website:

One Family's Christmas is a sequel to Kelso's earlier picture book, A Christmas Angel, also illustrated by Oregon-based artist K.C. Snider.

Once again, it is Christmas time in Oregon and the children are preparing to decorate their Christmas tree. Guided by their father, they venture into the mysterious attic to look for beautiful ornaments. They find a delicate red glass ball, as well as garland and tinsel. Then they discover a lovely yet old porcelain angel dressed in white velvet, its gown a bit yellowish from age. This is the same angel from Kelso's first book, an angel that has been in their family for generations. Their father decides it's all right to put the ornament on top of their tree this year. After all, "treasures don't mean much if you can't enjoy them once in a while." Soon they cut their tree, then later decorate it as the youngsters learn more about their ancestors and family history.

The story has a quiet, calming tone, perfect for those holiday nights of reading by the fireplace. K.C. Snider's illustrations, soft and warm, with pastel greens and reds and golds, bring an atmosphere of melancholy and old-fashioned feel to the merriment of the season. Though only 24 pages, the book has a lot of text. At the end of the book, there's a special section about genealogy and how kids may find out about their family history, as well as internet resources, a pedigree-chart and family record sheet. This is one of those Christmas books you'll want to keep on your permanent Christmas bookshelf, one to be read again and again at every holiday season.

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